Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cousins galore!!!

December 7, 2011

So my Dad's long lost cousins came to visit us at the Hotel we were staying at! So my dad rented 3 rooms for them and they are from like the mountains, mountains....Like they have never used a shower before and a flush-able toilet! They came to us because going to their town was impossible, I heard it was like so narrow, that the car just goes up and up like a stairway to Heaven??? :) Too dangerous for Americans to go..... Then we took them to the famous temples there and out to eat lunch!

There were so many tourist....First visit for the cousins and us!

Group picture with all of them!!!
Random picture of everyone!

Last of one of the temple!!!

Had a great time getting to know them and their daily life in LAOS......My Dad's goal was halfway accomplished, one more cousin to visit and then his trip will be complete! I think that they live a good life, rich with family and livestock. They might not have all the things that we have, but they are happy and healthy. The simple life!

I will finish my Laos blog and then blog about post Korea and Laos after one month!!! Getting bored in this town! or the US of A period???



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