Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend!!!

Quarter of a century!
3 more to go!!!

Joan (my roomate) Maychee Phu Kate Kou

Thank you for coming and visiting...I loved everything!!! This is our midnight snack meal! Thanks Maychee, we did good...It was delicious!!!

Saturday morning and we walked along my River Beach!!! We found some bike carriage for free rental so we took them for a stroll and it was a really good workout!!!

All day cooking and enjoying comfort food!!! Pictures in FB and 3 cakes!!!! It was a fun filled weeknd with too much food, great laughs and lasting memories!!!!

Pork Laab made by Kou, me and Maychee!!!

Missing more friends.....Melinda, Russ, Kate and Kou!!!

New friends, old friends = great company in South Korea!!!

I am still getting use to this whole idea of living in South Korea.... I do wish I was home too!!! I am traveling and seeing this whole different side of the world, but I would like to think I am done with this side of the country...I need Europe and my root country, Thailand and Laos!!!

8 1/3 more months.... until I am back in the States!!! or sooner who knows??

Happy March and I am glad Spring is here!!!! Did the groundhog come out with his shadow? I totally forgot to celebrate it..I usually do with my kids in the states....

Went to a Korean funeral today, my boss' grandpa passed away and it made me think of home...I need to go home cause my Grandpa and Grandma needs to see the world still and I think I need to take them....Plus my family needs me, I am like the person they ask to do everything for!!! But I love it, being there for them when they need me is priceless.....

My Grandma....She's a super woman...She is the nicest and most precious woman I know!!! She has unconditional love for all of her family members, especially my matter who they are or how you are related....She has a big big heart and never fails to show it!!!

I know I have been keeping myself busy, so I haven't been blogging, but I will again soon!!!
I love and miss you all!!!




  1. I love that picture of you and your g-ma. BTW I wan tto ride that bike too, it looks so romantic...

  2. You and rich should come visit, well get your passport first!! You and Lina!! Aren't you glad Rich is already a citizen...LOL Marry him and you'll be safe!! JK