Friday, February 11, 2011

Korean Folk Village

During vacation, I went to visit Maychee and met up with new Hmong friends in South Korea. (Khambye and Toni) We decided to go to the Korean Folk Village. It was amazing, it reminded me of Laos, Thailand, how our parents used to live....before actually finding the place, we did a few circles around town, but it was all well worth it in the end, we finally went to the taxi stand and the taxi driver took us there...Imagine if we did try walking girls? :)

We did a little experimenting with some of the old machinery and even went traditional ice skating! Very very similar to our parent's daily lives back in the jungle minus the snow for ice skating...I think that was for the grains from the field...I was just posing, didn't do anything with it! Maychee loved the skating..I thought it was too dirty...Khambye and Toni just watched us and took pictures of us!
Other than walking around and feeling like I was at the Hmong New Year...We stumbled across some traditional Korea games and we played some....jump roping.....swinging from giant swings.....they have a game similar to tops, but we didn't try it.....

The Hmong gang @ Korean Folk Village!!!

Maychee, Khambye, Toni, Phumee

Oh how I miss seeing Hmong people at the Hmong New Years!!! Definitely better than this, but it was a really good Korean culture thing to do on my list of things to do in Korea!!!


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