Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 months and Daegu

Wow!!! Four months and I still want to go home!!!
It's growing on me and I am getting use to the idea of living away from home.....

Daegu with some friends from South Korea!!!

There were so many of us! The Koreans have never seen such a big group!!!

Missing some people, but more in Facebook album!!! Literally Hmong people from all over and some Chinese friends along with a few Koreans and Julia of course!!!

We got drinks in a bag and they were delicious!!! We should do this in the states too!!!!

This is a place where people can go play board games! I love playing them at home, but this environment was awesome!!!

It's pretty relaxing and fun playing games with your friends and then all the Koreans you are surrounded by...The girls scream super loud, and their screams are pretty scary!!!! Korean Girls!!!

All and all, it was an super fun weekend with good company and great drinks!!!
I am going to lay low now because I lost my Debit Card...

Aftermath of a long night!!! Sit and people watch in Korea!!! Part of the gang!!!

Next month I will be going to Seoul for MayChee's birthday and we are going to a theme park!!!
So I will review Korean and American theme parks!!!! Everyone agrees that American have better rides, but we'll wait and see.......




  1. *sighs* you look like your having so fun, im jealous. can't wait for your next post.

  2. come come come....i'll mess u instead