Friday, February 11, 2011

Seoul Tower

The following day, Maychee and I headed to Seoul for the Seoul Tower!!!
It was ok, but next time if there is one, we want to go during the Spring to look at the city from above in daylight....

It was far and one guy told us we could walk there...we were like ok and got maybe a quarter and looked at each other and said no thank you! We found a taxi shortly after...LOL

Rode the cable car there and bused back down to the subway!

That's how far we are away from home...9,000 something kilometers......

The cute tiles...we did not do one...maybe next time!!!! There were like a million and people are smart they brought little pictures of themselves to put on the tile!

And the locks...couples go there and buy one....or bring your own I suggest...write cute love notes on it and throw the key away....ever lasting love????

Another thing off my to do list!!! Almost done then time for a new country!!! Anyone wanna join?


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