Saturday, February 5, 2011


A view of Suwon from the bridge....every city looks alike!

This was the second day of vacation and May Chee and I slept in and went to Suwon to look around. We weren't sure if anything was open due to Lunar New Year. It kinda was and some shops were closed, but we had fun filled day!

We had pho, bought a book each because it hard to find English books out of the country! I bought P.S. I love you. I love, love the movie and the book is really good so far! It's like a whole new movie because it is slightly different from the movie.

Then we went to HOME PLUS. My first Home Plus in Korea! I like it, but I still love Target more! The best part of the day, Ice cream! You cannot go wrong with Baskin Robins 31 in South Korea. There is one at every corner like Starbucks back in the states... Koreans and their ice cream, they eat it year round....
And it's super cold here, it's not like Thailand where it's hot.

My Fave...Mint ice cream....and a new one something cheesecake! :)



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