Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 2

So I missed out on good old Black Friday sale. So my students took me shopping this weekend! Alyssa and Clara. BTW, I am still in need of an Korean Adapter for my American hair products. So yes my hair has been wavy and nasty. So its up most of the time!

I bought a few items, but not enough to send anything to anyone. I will do more shopping when I have time, so be patient. Or I will just bring goodies when I come back. There isn't much shopping here because I live in a small town. So I cannot wait until I go to the bigger cities.

Despite of all that is happening here, I am safe. Had a lot of people wondering if I was safe. I am and when it gets any more dangerous I will definitely fly back home. As of right now, I am and will be safe. Thank you all your concerns and I am thinking of all of you too!

So I thought I would share my daily schedule with all of you, my friends and family.

My day starts late, because I go to bed around 2 or 3 AM. I wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning. Get ready and chat with my family in America because it's usually like 6 there. Then I head to work at the English Academy at noon. I prepare my lesson plans and wait for the students to get there. They start arriving around 2 PM. Then I have about 5 to 6 classes a day. I love it and it's so much fun watching them learn and talk in English. They are very bright! I end the day around 9, but since its testing season, I am volunteering to stay behind and help with the other teachers, only til like 9:30. I go home and Facebook . That's my day!

I love my weekdays because I actually have something to do. After testing season, my Korean teacher and I will start traveling. And my fellow Korean friends, May Chee and Kou will visit soon, I hope. :)

So the other day in class, my Korean students, Billy and Ian, were singing Kelly Clarkson, "Because of You." It was so cute! I will record and share soon.

So my diet has not been good. I have been eating ramen noodles and Frosted Flakes. When I am craving for rice, I go buy chicken on a stick from a little cart. The same lady that sells the tempura! I also eat out, but only on weekends!

Big news! I will be moving Wed to a new house with my Korean Teacher, Joan. She is awesome and make me feel a little like home here in Korea. I am glad she is my Korean Co teacher. I will post up pictures soon! And of course pictures of the new place also.

I have so much free time so I went through all of my old photos and it's now up on Facebook! I miss the old days and I am so blessed with many great friends and cousins! We did a a lot of damage! :) I am looking for more good days to come!!! I will be back soon!




  1. I like this blog b/c we get to see how your daily schedule is. It lets me know you're okay, safe, secure, and having a good time. Awww, Phu you look adorable with your students. It must be so rewarding to see them learn English day by day.

  2. Thank you Martha!!! I'll include more as I go...
    New to this blog thing so I am still not sure what to write or not write? LOL