Monday, November 1, 2010


So I officially bought my plane ticket to go teach overseas! I never in a million years would think I leave my family and live on my own. I would miss out on everything from the kids growing up to birthday parties and super much more, but I will always be their favorite AUNTIE....Plus my nephew, Muachi said he would miss me, but since I am going to be sending him Bakugans, he would only miss me a little! I love him, he's one of a kind! They all are in their own little ways......

This is totally awesome because it gives me a chance to start this blog. I have always wanted to after I saw Julia and Juliet....I still want to do the whole cooking thing, but maybe after this whole teaching overseas experience or maybe I could do it together? With all the free time I am going to have away from my family and friends that I love dearly here in the states. Oh And Lina, Ong, Paj, Al, Annda, Chong & Uey etc.....we are cousins, not friends, I didn't forget about you guys! Please keep me updated on your daily lives as well other than Facebook. I want all the good juice!

This gives me a week to get everything together and go. I got some great inside scoop on what to bring and not to bring from friends over there already, so thank you Brother Kou and my dear Thailand friend, May Chee. You two are the best, just know I will be calling and facebooking you two often!!! We should all meet too after I settle in and everything so keep your calendars clear before the holidays!

Check back for more news!!! and yes Martha I want in on the prize giveaway!!! I think I am gonna win it and you have to ship it here, I'll return the favor! :)



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