Saturday, November 20, 2010

One week....

So about a week and a half later in this country, I am officially home sick! I really really want to go back home, but I can't. I like it, it's just very very lonely and coming from a big family will make anyone sick. I do not know how people can join the army, navy or anything and be away from family and their home. I realize now how much they sacrifice for our country. 51 weeks left to go and then I am home for good!

So I cooked last Sunday because I had time and went shopping. My plan is to cook every Sunday, but today feels like a lazy day to me. That picture is of the pork stir fry I cooked. No rice because I do not have a rice cooker yet. But I have been out eating rice.

Yesterday, I went to eat at like a Dim Sum place, but Korean food. It was okay, so far my favorite is Stuffed jalapeno Asian style....deep fried!

My classes are going great! The kids are adorable and they are very eager to learn the language. These parents never see their kids because after school, they come straight to the Academy. They stay til like 9:15 every night and if you are in junior high, they stay til 9:50 PM.
We, American kids think we go to school all day, think again? :) Most of them do not even complain about being there. It's a part of their culture.

I can't really post up pictures here, but look for pictures in Facebook.

I am looking forward to letters and emails so please write me. Keep me entertain, I am always looking for things to do. And the only things really is reading emails and facebook comments. I have to last a year here! Oh and come visit me in South Korea!

Phumee Yang
South Korea Gyeong Nam Hadonggum Hadong
Eup. Euperi 238-4
667-801 (E Bo young's Talking Club)

I will write back! Please include a address when writing to me!


  1. I shall write you one of these days, Phu. Don't be so lonely you still have us to keep you company. :) Even though you're home sick, I'm glad you took advantage of a great experience!

  2. Waiting on letters to come far none..I should give away a prize to my first pen pal huh?