Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Korea

I made it to South Korea! OMG so much has happened in like three days. So the flight was wonderful. (I love flying long distances!) I get to watch movies and the screen is all mine. It's a perk that I love that comes with flying overseas!

I am missing home, but it's all part of growing up and finding oneself going away to a new foreign country. (note to self: next time in the states!) I am so blessed to have good family, cousins, and friends who are supporting me with this journey! It gets super lonely and I wished it was a drive away, but today made it perfect for the rest of my 362 days left here in SK.

The first few days were tough, I didn't have internet or friends, I met my co-teacher, which he was late to pick me up at the Busan airport, but later found out he is my BOSS. :) He never mentioned that he was my boss, but he was the one who asked if I liked beer. So Koreans drink with their boss!!!

I started to observe the classes and I finally taught yesterday, Friday, my first day. It's not easy teaching English. The kids are super cute when they talk in English. I sound weird cause I do not have an Korean English Accent. So the kids are getting use to my English. For example, What is your name? They answer Andy, I repeat Andy? they say no, R A N D Y....or they say Nico and its really Nicole. LOL The joys of teaching overseas!

So my plan of eating healthy and not so much fast food = fail....I have been eating out everyday with the co-teachers/BOSS!!! They are all spoiled rich adults, who only eats out because they work too much to learn how to cook or their mom cooks for them. but seriously, they do work hard. They run the Academy and it's a private family owned English school. But back to the good and yummy food, we went to Outback Steak House, Korean BBQ, and a local Pub where they hang out and drink all the time. Will post up some pictures, i did not take many due to I didn't want to look like a tourist.

So, so far I am loving it here, if every weekend was like today, I will survive, but I have internet connection now so maybe I won't be as bored when they are not with me. Haven't had much shopping time, but when I do I will def post pictures. Their clothes are super expensive, esp at their mall.




  1. OH, Phu. It sounds amazing already. I'm such a food freak and it sounds like you went to such great places. I'm hungry now. Anyways, I'm glad you have internet access now, so we can all keep in touch. Keep it coming with all of your Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg says "until the next episode" :) Miss you love you .

  2. Hahaha Phu...I'm totally like you. I live for my weekends! :D I'm glad you are liking your school and co-teachers and boss-es and all. Goodluck teaching your kiddos...and I can't wait to see you. :D