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October 2014

One, the number, is almost everyone's favorite number.  I mean, it is the start of a new month and who doesn't want a new month?  One, can also mean FIRST, doesn't everyone want to be the first as in the first place winner??  Whatever the reason, ONE, has become my favorite new number.  I may be babbling here and make no sense, but haha oh well, you get the point! (I hope!)   October was a busy month for me.  I am gonna chill in my town for a bit until....Who knows...When I need a getaway to visit Sheng or Brother Kou!

Day 1 (BUSAN)

October came, I was excited because it meant GIRLS Getaway Weekend to BUSAN!  I had the whole day planned out, Pho with everyone at 1130 and then off to the LOTTE GIANTS game at 2.  I missed the first bus of out Hadong to Busan because I woke up late!!!  May I add, in 2011, I was also late to meet up with Friends!  (Same reason.) I couldn't believe it happened again, but it didn't matter because I got there.  Plus, the party don't start without me! JK! I love you two, Sheng and Khue and you two are the party as much as I am! 

After the game, we had some amazing HMOOB food with Brother Kou! He did most of the work, we showed up and ate! He even cleaned! He's a keeper, Ladies and looking!!! Don't tell him I blasted him on here! I don't think he reads my blogs.

See...Proof that he did most of the work! We, the ladies, rolled and I fried! 

Our Lovely Motel, right on the beach and for a great price! We came back to the room and it was cold and windy, but we couldn't resist the beach night life!  We took a stroll along GWANGANLI BEACH.  Then we had a cold and delicious dessert! Can you tell who ordered which dessert?  

Day 2

Busan Tour Bus day and BUSAN FILM FESTIVAL!

Had breakfast at SHARKY'S and it was way delish!  I had the bacon roll or something similar and I will go back to have that! Waited forever for the Tour bus! Went around Busan for a little bit and ended up at the Film Festival.  Saw a celebrity there, the main girl from BOYS OVER FLOWER.  Never saw that drama so I didn't care, but there were some crazy fans there!  After am hour we headed back to get ready for a NIGHT OUT! 

My chingus, Sheng and Khue! 
Great weekend!

A fun night out in Busan.  Busan, you never seem to fail me from a memorable night! 
Drinks. Good Company. Food. Beach. Thursday Party. KSU, "The Ghetto," according to Renita. Nothing else matters!  
Whatever happens in BUSAN stays in BUSAN!
Renita, Her BF, Kou, Youngju, Khue and Sheng.

October 11th 

My dear, Shengmee, had to take her pre wedding photos that weekend in Jeounju, so I went to support her and be her maid.  I didn't do anything, just took some photos and videos.  She may fired me, but that's ok with me.  I am not a good photographer! A good experience, but also different from the STATES.  They don't have a wedding shoot the day of, they do it months in advance! There is one more photo shoot before the big day in Feb.  And I am included in that one, so Maychee and I are working on our "HEALTHY LOOK."  Whatever that means...

Can't be October without going to the Latern Festival in Jinju.
I have gone before, but not all around.  This time I kind of did and saw alot that I haven't seen before! Some were hilarious, they are mainly about Korean History.
They also have a section of displays that showcased each country from around the world.  From the US, they had the Statue of Liberty! 

Seoul Getaway! 

I don't have any photos from the Clifton's Anniversary Dinner in Osan, but we went to Chili's again.
The next day, we went to the Han River for a goodbye Summer Picnic.  Had some good laughs, food, drinks, friends, Hmoob talks, and definitely a must again.

Here it is, Beautiful Hadong!
No filter, no photo shop, just form my plain camera phone! 

I always go up this trail to the park, but everyday, I discover something new.  There are so many trails that leads up and down to the park! This is where I live and will always come back to as it it my HOME in KOREA!  Small and cozy!

Being away from home is hard, but I am so thankful for technology this day and age!  I am always online and talking to family and friends.  Feels like I am home without me being there physically.  There are times when I wished I could just drive home and hang with the kiddos or eat my parents home cooked meals, but I can't...SK is too far! I am going to miss all the soccer games, school pick ups, Holidays and time with my kids at this cute age, but I will be back soon enough to be SUPER AUNTIE again.  That is the best JOB in the whole wide world, other than traveling!

My MOM is so funny, she is halfway around the world, but still telling me not to eat and travel alot.  MOMS, gotta love them!

The cold winter months are quickly approaching us, I am not sure if I am ready for Korean Winter???

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  I love Halloween and I got the chance to share a little of the HOLIDAY Spirit at work!
The kids enjoyed it.  I wanna take kids from all over the world to trick or treating countires! 
The kids asked if it was really true! People passing out candies to kids..haha

My friend, So Yeoun, did my make up! 
Which one is the REAL PHUMEE?

I can't believe we are starting 2015 in less than 2 months.
Stay Beautiful.

Here's a quote:
It's fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well.


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