Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014

It's always, "Wake me up when September ends!" And has!  Can you believe that Christmas is around the corner?   Halloween...Thanksgiving...Christmas and the the most important Holiday of all for us Hmoob,    
                   HMONG NEW YEARS!

September started and I finally got my "magic perm." It's the opposite of a perm, instead of curls, it is to straighten your hair!  I have gotten it before and loved it, this time, I wanted to wait until for someone who would do my highlights, as well.  Due to the coloration, it was impossible and some hairstylist will turn you away.  Finally, I found a local, the same person who did my hair 3 years ago. She started and didn't say much about the highlights until the second step, she wasn't happy.  She asked if it was ok to chop like 5 inches off my hair, I agreed.  She wanted to cut more, if I let.  I didn't because I would be hairless!  (I don't have a before and after because it'll look exactly alike!)  Just think, never of having to straighten your hair again for a few months!

My MOM's Birthday!!!
OOvOO and SKPYE dates.

Lunch with my Lovely SoYeoun!!! 

Lemon Table in Gwangyang!

Chusok Week (Korean Thanksgiving)

Eating lunch and hanging out with So Yeoun's family for Chusok.  A 2 day event!  Many relatives visited her house and brought gifts.  I got a gift from my Boss' family and gave away a few gifts to my fellow Hangul Friends and their family.

Mini Day Trip to Haeundae Beach with Lin and Youngju!  Renita and Brother Kou met us there! A day in the sun was much needed!  A day full of eating and relaxing!  Our day started at STARBUCKS, lunch at a THAI restarant, and we ended our day with dinner at TGIF

 Our Beach Day!

Since we were just on vacation, that work week was super short! And off to BUSAN I go again!  Gotta have my PHO...It never tastes like home, but it makes a little piece of my heart happy!  Off to the LOTTE GIANTS game we go!  4-3 GIANTS dominated!  Korean baseball games are a little different from the STATES.  The game is played the same of course, but it's free for all..meaning we can bring our own food and drinks inside the stadium.  In my opinion, it's way better than paying for over priced beer and food!  The tickets are way way way cheaper! We sat in the front and paid 12 bucks, in the States, I went to a SF Giants game and paid 30 bucks for standing tickets!   Yea, yea...Americans, we over pay for everything especially when it comes to our professional SPORTS team!

The gang and my DIY nails!

 After an afternoon of BASEBALL, we went to dinner at SHARKY"S!  Oh so gooooood!  They had RANCH!  Korean don't use ranch and it's not easy to ask for ranch with salad.  It also made my tummy happy!

Finally, weekends at home! My little Korean brother Chris came to visit me in Hadong.  Went bowling for Patrick's birthday!  Patrick is one of my Hadong friends!  I don't have any photos from that night!

Then the next weekend was Bren Kennedy's birthday!  We stayed in town and went to our neighborhood park to play beer pong.  The photo doesn't do justice of how beautiful that day was!!!
 Decorations by yours truly, ME!!!
And So Yeoun helped! (She had no choice.) 

Won Chel and I testing out the props before everyone else!

Sunday Funday in NAMHAE!  A short hike and BEACH day again!  I do live in the SOUTH of South KOREA!  SO really really close to the BEACHES.  How lucky we are!  

 Nugee this is the beach that we went to from above!!!

Patrick and I

There will definitely be more hiking this Fall.  It is beginning to get cold here.  But yes, we do get bipolar days, Hot one day, Rain one day and then Cloudy one day! 

The days, weeks and months are going by so fast!!! Only if we can stop time, and make it stop where and when we want to!  These are the moments we are supposed to be living for???  Take it day by day and one'll all be worth something!  

3 months down 9 to go! On a happy happy note, I can't wait to see some beautiful faces this weekend and winter!  I love weekend getaways and trips!  



Collect moments, not things!!!

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