Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flat Stanley in South Korea

Thank you Lei and Nathan!!! It's been nice having a visitor!!! Now anyone else wanna come?

Before going to the movies, we always have Lunch...This time we went to 2nd M....It was amazing....I can eat their chicken salad all day long and be full...It was like American Chicken Salad....

I mean it was delicious!!! My fellow Korean friends, let's go there when you guys wanna visit Jinju and Hadong! :) Then we decided to take a few pictures of Stanley in the park...Man Koreans and their parks are amazing...It was like a castle theme park....I did go down the slide and we had a few Koreans looking at Flat Stanley!

I went to go see Red Riding Hood this weekend with my roommate, Joan. It was a good movie, I didn't expect to like it this much! I am halfway done with the book from Annda and Chong! I am determined to finish and find out the book's ending to the movies....Peter was good looking ladies!!!

When I am in the movie theater, I feel like I am right at home. I forget there is sub title! Of course I am the only laughing when it comes to like a funny joke or something....cause they don't understand the slang? O well I truly should find out how much a ticket is per person because I have never paid for it...Joan always pays....

I will find out and let everyone know ASAP....So this past weekend was my baby Akeean's 2nd birthday! I skyped with everyone and I meant everyone that was there, it's so surreal still...I do wish I can be a time traveler, then I could be anywhere I want within minutes or seconds....Time machine anyone???

The only thing keeping me going are the kids, they are some kids I tell you, never complain about anything...They just study study study....and more study.....

7 and a half more months til I am home and moving to a bigger city!!! Anyone wanna move to perhaps LA or NYC? Or Thailand to teach's only a 6 months contract and then extend to a year if you want!!! What I am thinking of doing because I miss Thailand, my homeland? :)

O and I have given up on sending things back home, so I will just do my distribution when I am back in the States, easier for me, but I still try to write snail mail letters, cause I think those are the best mails to receive.



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  1. I was over at lies house today and showed your pictures of stanley to nathan. :) he giggled at stanleys pictures and thought it was very cool. :) hope you are doing well Phu!!