Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 7

Wow, it's been almost two months and I am slowly traveling throughout South Korea. This past weekend was different! This is the cutest coffee shop in Daegu! I want to open something similar in the States! O and the shopping is amazing, bought my first pair of shoes in South Korea because I am going out in Seoul and needed shoes. Its simple and cute, looks like something I have back at home, but I am not home, so I bought it. 20,000 won so about 18 dollars?

Girls, come visit cause this shopping will blow u away! I was so over whelmed, I didn't know what to buy and I heard Seoul is even worst. I can't wait to share with everyone!!!

Went to Daegu, but found out that most of the Hmong friends were in Busan, so Cece and I decided to go to Busan. It was like a minute decision! KTX to Busan was pretty fast!

These are new friends plus Kou and Kate! This was def a night to remember! We were joking that it was like our Hmong New Year get together! Small world! And at Korean bars, you can play card games and just hang out!!! That's what we did all night!!!

Ate McDonald's! It was just like the US...comfort food after a night of fun and lots of walking! Chicken nuggets and a chicken wrap!!!

Walking around to find new places...and sight see...

Phumee John Cece

Peace! I feel so Asian when I do the peace sign, but I have to blend in....:)

Happy New Year and see you all soon!!!




  1. Awwww, did you say "shopping"? I want in too! Happy New Year Phu. How is korean liquer? Is it any good? I'm happy that you were able to find other Hmong ppl to celebrate with. :) I miss you dearly.

  2. Okay, just got done writing back to you on Facboook. And now here! Lol. I'm glad you have new friends and having fun! I so want to come there! To hangout with you and shop! Love the Korean clothes! Isn't there any Korean clubs there? Have you guys gone to any? You should at least try it out ;-) Almost 3 months down Phu!!