Friday, January 28, 2011

Vacation Starts!!!

So before I start on my very first Korean Vacation, I wanted to update my life here! That is a picture of me and my two students, Clara and Jane. I took them out to lunch and we went walking around the city!

I received two packages this week from my family and my dear friend, Martha from Wisconsin!

I told my family to send me V-day cards for the kids and i will add a touch of candy to it! Thank you Yer!!!

This is from Martha!!! Guess what she sent me!

Thank you again! I love it all!!! I will send u Korean goodies ASAP!!! After vacation and I find out a way because I don't know where to buy boxes yet, i do not have a Home Plus or E mart near me.

Today in class, I know I will take more pictures soon, I am still scared that we are not allowed to??? One of the boys didn't do his homework and I said, Ian, stay after class cause you no homework! LOL Me and my English so they will understand me...

He did the cutest puppy face at me and I laughed, so did the rest of the boys, it's an all boys class...They are my B4 level kids!!! I let him finish because it was too cute! This is the same boy who sang, Because of you!

I absolutely love teaching here, especially these kids here in Hadong! I feel right at home when I am at work, but outside of work not so much....It makes me feel good when the kids go home and tell the parents they like coming to English Academy because of my class....All the kids get super excited when it's my day! We rotate class so that they all get to take my class at least once a week, some classes are two or three times!

I will post up a video of Seoul during my vacation!!!



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  1. I'm so glad that the bottle of patron didn't shatter. Phew. Let me know if you need anything else, b/c I can send them your way if needed, moguy!