Sunday, December 19, 2010

After visiting Kou, he inspired me to make my own spring rolls....They were delicious!

They were delicious!!! I will make more comfort food as I find the ingredients.

E Bo Young English Academy! Where I teach! Small family run school...we have over 100 student!

So this blog is about my town! I didn't realize that I live in a really really small town! So that's why I don't do much here except Facebook!

And another package came in for me! My sisters sent me more junk...beef new and awesome gift! COACH shoes!!! More tampons..... jacket, jeans and money! One of my kid asked for a dollar bill, so my sister sent me dollar bills...

This is one of my fave student, Lala, she is really smart! We were playing hangman (their fave American game) and she wrote, I like Phumee better than my piano teacher!
Took me a long time to guess, but I sure guessed it!

These are sisters! Annie and Sunny! They are in my beginners class, but smart and learning English well. They didn't want to take pictures. In Thailand, all the kids wanted to take pictures.

This is Hadong Elementary School, where my students attend before coming to us for more English.

Korean playground....That track is the soccer field also.

This is a bridge that connects nothing, it just for people traffic. I walked all the way across to the other side! It was easy!

This was on the other side! It is a river beach! Like how MN had lake beach!
I went and sat there for awhile, next time I am going to go do something, like canoeing or something fun! Fishing perhaps?

My shoes! I wore them out today! I love them!!!

So sadly, I am counting down the days and I still have like 300 and like 20 days left here!!!
Like 10 months and two weeks!!! Almost two months here and then I am home for ever! JK

My plan is to go home in November 2011 then vacation in the US til after my Bday, which is in Feb then go back to South Korea and teach in a new city! Save more money, and then go teach in Thailand. Anyone wanna join? :)

Slowly adjusting and I am happy that I am starting to go and enjoy my weekends here. Meeting more Hmong people that are also teaching here, so it's a plus! Cause I am in need of more family and friends here!

I went shopping today, not really because I do not have a mall, just an open market that sells old people clothes. So I browsed the open market! Interesting things and it smells like fish!!! Once I am comfortable going to other cities alone, I will def go look for Korean goodies and send back home to everyone!!!

Another week, another day..... Hurry up November 2011!!! I need time to go by like super fast!!
I miss home and everything about it!!! Especially my car because traveling would be so much easier if I had a car.

O and MTV rocks here! When its the American version, the Korean version is too boring, I cannot understand the music videos! And I have been watching alot of sports, esp Volleyball...I am going to look up a game, maybe college and attend. That would kinda be cool to see an Asian game with only Asian players!




  1. Your spring rolls look delicious....and your students are too cute. They really do like having you around. :) Im hoping to send out your gift soon but you need to tell me what else you need so I can have enough stuff to send to you.

  2. Phu, you're always still counting down the days. Lol So who did you make spring rolls for? You should bring it to the kids.. or have a potluck day? Class parties are always fun! And eating is the best part! There's an idea for you!! But, do they let you have classroom parties?

    By the way, this New Years was crazy fun! Had tons of Aunts and Uncles that came over. Super busy but it was so good seeing everyone! Looks like we'll be going to NC for the next family reunion. LOl. Remember when we went in 03? Now we can do a road trip or something! Went to the Hmong New Years a couple days, cause Nelsons brother had a photo booth and we got VIP parking and passes. Otherwise, I don't even think I would go like last year. There were tons of people! Also went out to the clubs a couple of times. Saw so many old friends. And you know what that means! Drinks everywhere!! You know how it is during the New Years! Craziness but loads of fun! Although, wish you were here!! Hope you're doing well hun! Don't miss us too much. lol