Monday, December 13, 2010

Busan, South Korea

Finally after a whole month of work, I got to go on a mini vacation. I have not seen May Chee since summer of 2007, after our ISV Thailand adventure together. She got to my house and we stayed up all night talking about everything and anything. We literally got like two hours of sleep, then off we went to Busan.

It was my first real subway ride. I think I can manage it! :) Maybe not in Seoul because it has like 7 or 8 lines. Transferring is hard and difficult, if you are form California and we do not do subways....Or maybe it's just me?

Thank you, Kou and Kate for showing us around! The Pho place was ok, it doesn't taste like CA pho, but it does make up for if anyone is craving. Let me add, it was so good we had it two days in a row!

Starbucks! I waited a month for my first Korean Starbucks!

This is one of the most famous beach in SK. (Haeundae Beach) I hear it is prettier in the summer, so summer here we come! Maybe we'll actually dip our feet in the water then cause it won't be so cold. I did get some sand to send back to the States for a special cousin!!!

So while I was there, Kou took us to Costco...I loved it cause it reminded me of home, but everything was like $5 too expensive. Almost double the American price! I do wish I lived closer so I can carry it all back home. The portions are way too big for me to carry on a bus back to Hadong.

Well it was a long crazy weekend, I am looking for more weekends to travel, but May Chee, never again will we extend our stay! Stick to the plan! See u again this Friday! At least it's like next to your town.

After a long weekend and a late night of writing my student evaluations, I went to work and my boss came into my room to hand me my first mail! It made my day! Thank u Lindsay! I miss hanging out with u and Leah!!!

Still looking forward to more letters because I just sent a bunch out. Write me because a letter is like Christmas for me or even better like a Birthday gift!!! They make my heart smile! That's all I can say!

So I have 10 months and about 20 more days here in South Korea, so if you are planning to visit, come come come!!! Time is running out! :)

Next weekend in Seoul, so I will keep my crazy adventures posted!!!



  1. That's nice! Aw, you're still counting on the days! Lol.. at least you were busy this past weekend! Did the Costco have samples too? Oh and you meant Pho 75. lol Had that with Annda, Chong and Pakou last week. It was yummy! I've been super busy with school and work so haven't been able to print pictures for you! I will :) Miss you!

  2. good hear u had a great mini vacation...and finally meeting up with frens there. i dont snail mail much but if its like a xmas gift upon arrival then i def will. esply with ur bday around. take care

  3. Oh, I love good eats. Korean Pho is not as great as the Pho back at home but still filling. I really like this post b/c it looks like you did such fun activities....I want to send you a care package. What do you want in it?