Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid year Of 2013

Can you believe summer is here???

Where did this year go? I haven't done anything at all....except work work   work eat sleep eat sleep and eat some more.... News and adventures in the making.....I hope....

Jan was a blurr...went to Nugee's Bridal Shower and finished showing Young Ju around....

Feb happened way too fast with wedding planning and trying to fit into a dress...and turning a year 

Some of the ladies at dinner celebrating.

Congrats to NUGEE and TCHAA MOUA!! 

The happy newlyweds!

The bridal party...super cute,thanks Victoria!!! via SAY PEACE PHOTOGRAPHY
March...o March...
  EASTER with the Yang FAMILY....went by like a storm even with SPRING break.

April was also a blurrrr...way toooo fast for me...

May was jammed packed with many celebrations!!! And was good to me.....spent every penny I earned....kinda sorta.....
congrats YER another step into life!

And now summer will slowly creep up on us....even though nights like is super windy and weird....aren't we in June wind???

 BOOK of the summer...
it's a series too!!!

Will do a blog about it....Happy summer...reading everyone!!

I cannot wait til UTAH MAYCHEE....



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  1. hehehe! i was looking at my blog, and my life is so 'boring', okay not boring, just mundane stuff that is not worthy of getting blog posts about it. lol. yes! utah! reno! :)