Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busan Sand Festival

So after touring around Hadong, we headed down to Busan to meet more HMONG friends!

Brother Kou picked us up and went back to his apartment, where he made us some really really yummy papaya salad! It was so good that Nugee and I even drank the juice! :) Look how delicious it was....words can't describe it!

The Yangs only picture! Toni took it cause she is a Vue and us YANGS are just cool like that! :) We still want to hang out with you Toni so come on the 18th k?

Toni Kate Phu and Nugee going eye shopping (Window Shopping) @ Lotte...It was so big and full of Koreans.....Yet we just walked around and ate and ate some more after that!!!

Finally at the beach to find Boom and Longy! They were already there waiting and we had so much fun....eating and eating and more eating......All night long...Even after ten restaurants already, Nugee and Boom wanted some Korean street food, so we all ate of course again! Very cheap and affordable...some what delicious and filling. By this time it was already almost 2 AM in the morning!

So we pulled an all nighter...drinking and chillaxing on the beach with the sand castles and Koreans going into the Ocean....I dared then to go skinny dipping, but we just aren't that daring!
Next time we'll see who will actually do it! It was so much fun! Can't wait for more beach weekends to come!!!

Longgy Nugee and Toni....We literally just sat down, no mats or anything!!!

I am trying to enjoy my many days of Korea and then off to a new adventure! Where ever it may take me!

xoxoxo Phumee

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