Monday, May 9, 2011

Half a Year in SOUTH KOREA!

Wow! I can't believe how fast time flies....I still wished I was home for some of the bigger events and I know that I did miss out, but I will eventually make up for loss time....

1) My parents 35th Anniversary party!!! I cannot believe I missed it! I practically planned it!

2) YPP Family Reunion
3) Thanksgiving
4) X-mas
5) Hmong New Year

I do miss Hmong New Years, I mean with good food and friends/family who wouldn't...Some of the Hmong friends that I met here thinks I am crazy for missing Hmong New Year...:) I think it is a part of who I am, growing up to dress up and go pov pob for one day. My cousins and I go to make our mom happy and trust me they are happy that we are willing to pov pob for just one day and it's not even a whole day, it's more like an hour and we say o we need to go eat now! The memories will be priceless when we grow old!

6) The Kids' birthdays
7) Easter Picnic
8) Mother's Day

I realize there are so many more days that I will miss during the remainder of my stay, but I have also gained so much during these months that I have been away from home.

First and foremost, Thailand will always be my home country and my favorite place to visit! but South Korea has definitely grown on me. I see the simple and easy way of life here....Not in the bigger city, but the smaller towns like HADONG.....It reminds me of old Hmong movies in the mountains with little outside world, but a happy lifestyle!

To past time, I watch TV, Movies and sleep...I bought a bunch of ribbons to make hairbows, but no time...or I am lazy, it's way more fun to do it with the sisters, friends, cousins and my favorite kiddos, Grace, Allie, Natalie and Taylor!

I eat out most of the time cause I like to cook, but no one to eat it! And I cannot eat it all by myself, it'll go bad...So I'd rather eat out or order in and eat while watching TV....I will start exercise soon! Before I go back home....

Some days are faster than some, but definitely time to think of what's next in life or what can I do to make the next 6 months go by faster or slower??? It will go by super fast and by the time I know it, it'll be July 4th ...back to school....and then Halloween and then I home sweet home it is for at least three months...and who knows? Back to South Korea or Thailand or a new city in America somewhere? Anywhere but here!

Some of the things, events and people that I miss!!!

My birthday was def not a miss cause we celebrate everyday like it's our birthdays back at home...And this was def for me...from Ong and Kabzaug! The big 2-5.....

More crazy cousins and sisters from a Family Dinner/Party!!! Missing a few.....I think this group sneaked out for a photo session while the rest were cooking or setting up! I would have been right there with you girls! LOL

6 more months!!! It seemed like yesterday was only the beginning of this new adventure and my family was dropping me off at the airport along with some great friends, Lee, Kabao and cousin Ong!!! But now it's almost return time and I cannot wait to eat, drink and be your DD when the night ends!

As I was writing this blog I was also chatting with Nugee, my cousin, who is also here in South Korea...And she was feeling kinda down so I reminded her that I feel the same way! This is what I told her.....

"People say oh you'll be ok cause it's only a year but they don't know that we are from great close knit families and when we are apart it's a part of us missing!!!" -Phumee

Until a new adventure in South Korea, know you love me! -Phumee

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